ION Vertical Vinyl Wall Mounted Retro Turntable


Hear your music from another angle!

Catch the eye and ear of everyone with Ion Vertical Vinyl, a wall-mountable turntable. Vertical Vinyl is a fun, new way to experience your records - you can listen to them whilst they literally hang on the wall.

ION Vertical Vinyl Wall Mounted Retro Turntable

Vertical Vinyl will impress your friends and guests by defying gravity when playing records sideways. It is a great way to play your favourite records and save surface space in your living room, kitchen, office or bedroom because of its wall-mount design.

Vertical Vinyl is the perfect home accessory for music lovers to express their musical personality, turn your old 45s into a decorative retro-styled piece of art.

Take advantage of its battery powered operation to play your records wirelessly. Change the record to suit your mood and create a talking piece that your guests will love.

So start digging out all those rare and treasured records and start enjoying them again.

- Instantly listen to your music using the built-in speaker with volume control
- Play any record you own by choosing between 33 or 45 RPM platter speeds and using the 45 adaptor included with Vertical Vinyl
- You can connect headphones to listen to your records without disturbing others or use the headphone output to connect to a stereo if you want a bigger sound
- Vertical Vinyl plays up to 12” records so you can listen to you LP collection as well

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