Lego Star Wars Table Football

This is another good example of somebody with too much time on their hands, but that's not a bad thing. Hats off for combining some of our favourite things, namely Lego, Football and Star Wars.

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ION Vertical Vinyl Wall Mounted Retro Turntable

Hear your music from another angle!

Catch the eye and ear of everyone with Ion Vertical Vinyl, a wall-mountable turntable. Vertical Vinyl is a fun, new way to experience your records - you can listen to them whilst they literally hang on the wall.

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R2D2 Projector Robot

A long time ago in a laboratory far, far away, some brilliant minds came up with an idea. If R2D2 is so cool, why not make a real one? This blisteringly brilliant bot is not just a full-size RC R2D2, it's also the centre of your home multimedia universe. Built into his body you'll find a state of the art DVD player and projector that will beam your movies, video games, digital photos up to 80 inches across onto a wall of your choice. He also has an inbuilt FM radio and an iPod docking station.

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Guru Watches

The aptly named Guru is a subtly curved, streamlined piece of retro futuristic electronics. That may seem like a contradiction in terms, but think 'The 5th Element' meets 'Blade Runner' meets 'Gattacca', or something equally stylish.

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Star Trek: In Your Pocket

Space  The Final Frontier From the series that started it all  this fantastic addition to the expansive Star Trek universe is the latest release in the growing line of spectacularly popular In Your Pockets.

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Homemade Pong Watch

Taking inspiration from Buro Vormkrijgers Pong Clock, each minute the right side scores a point, and each hour the left side scores a point. The effect is that the score is the time.

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Mr. T In Your Pocket

Any of you old enough to know The A-Team will find this irresistible.  Also good as a road rage calming device - I pity the fool... who doesn't own one of these...

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Tangent Duo AM/FM Clock Radio

Forget all about traditional ”clock-radio sound”.

Tangent Duo’s classic styling may take you back to the time before great sounding radios but its impressive performance speeds you right back to today where you are surrounded by rich radiant sound. Tangent Duo is available in Black, Oak, Walnut, White or a Red Gloss finish.

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Super Mario 520 Dot Pin Scene

The Super Mario 520 Dot Pin Scene allows you to rearrange the different colour pins to recreate many different characters from the Nintendo Super Mario Bros games. [ more... ]

Tangent Quattro Mk2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio

With radio becoming more and more versatile every day, Tangent has tweaked its popular and critically acclaimed Quattro Internet radio.

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Mr Frosty

The ice is right, or at least it will be if you crush it with this multifunctional snowman. [ more... ]


The retro 'Stylophone' is back but now you can play along to your MP3 tracks. [ more... ]