The Hüttenpalast, Berlin


Situated in a former vacuum-cleaner factory The Hüttenpalast in Berlin is a new hotel concept, a cluster of renovated old touring caravans provide a unique way of spending a night in the culturally rich German city.

The Hüttenpalast, Berlin - Caravan Hotel

There are also new-build wooden huts to stay in as well, these rooms are fully furnished and well-designed, but yes, this is a glorified shed.

This unusual and exciting accommodation is not a hotel in the classic sense and the rooms here have an outdoor adventure kind of an aura.

The Hüttenpalast, Berlin - Caravan Hotel The Hüttenpalast, Berlin - Caravan Hotel

Aimed at the budget traveller, with 'rooms' starting at 30 euros a night. In the future, they have plans for offering more luxurious accommodation facilities.  But what could be more luxurious than a renovated touring caravan...

The Hüttenpalast, Berlin