April 2008

Blake's Legacy

Amateur multimedia production company BTR Productions has produced Blake's Legacy, a six-part audio adventure set twenty years after the episode 'Blake'.

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Zoltar Fortune Teller

Ever wanted to know your fortune, well ask Zoltar and all will be revealed!

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Official Dangermouse Mugs

Play.com have Official Dangermouse Mugs at Only £5.00 including Free Delivery!!!

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Sky to Remake Blake's 7

The Guardian is reporting that Sky One is planning a remake of British cult Sci-Fi classic Blake's 7. When the original BBC screens in 1978 it became a classic, pulling in 11 million viewers, despite its limited budget and pre-digital special effects.

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More Lego/Eddie Izzard...

...this time James Bond.

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Opening Sequence of The Trap Door


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Xbox Live Arcade - Retro Games

If you own an Xbox 360, then you are a lucky person if you're a retro gamer.

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Wii, A new home for point-and-click games?

Monkey Island, Broken Sword, Day of the Tentacle - all fantastic and still highly playable point-and-click adventure games.

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Bagpuss - Everybodys Favourite Saggy Old Cloth Cat

He was just "an old, saggy cloth cat, baggy, and a bit loose at the seams" but, according to a recent BBC on-line poll he is the favourite children's TV animal of all-time.

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Danger Mouse: 25th Anniversary Complete Collection (12 Discs)

"He's the greatest...
He's fantastic...
Where ever there is danger, he'll be there...
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Retro Game Developers

There are still plenty of people making great, simple games that you can sit down at for 20 min and just have fun.

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Mr Benn Intro

As if by magic, the Shopkeeper appeared!

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Channel 4's 100 Greatest Kids' TV shows

The Simpsons, The Muppet Show and Dangermouse are the top 3 Kids TV shows according to the Channel 4.

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