Wake up '80s style, to authentic sounds of Pac Man

This officially licensed, tribute to an 80s icon diddly-woos you out of boboland via the evocative start-up tune from Pac-Man. It even emits a few seconds of spine-tingling wakka-wakka-ing. You’ll be transported back to the arcade the second you hear it. You might even start checking your ‘jama pockets for ten pees.

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50's Inspired Products With Heal's

Fifties nostalgia is once again sweeping the world of interior design, inspired by the Festival of Britain 60th Anniversary celebrations currently taking place on London’s South Bank.

Heal’s was closely involved with the 1951 Festival, and today they have stocked a number of iconic designs dating back to this ground-breaking era, as well as contemporary pieces that reinterpret elements of its signature mid-century modern style.

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Lego Star Wars Alarm Clocks

The Lego Star Wars universe continues to expand (from a marketing point of view at least) with these awesome Lego Star Wars alarm clocks.  It's time to unleash the power of the Force on your bedside table!

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Tangent Duo AM/FM Clock Radio

Forget all about traditional ”clock-radio sound”.

Tangent Duo’s classic styling may take you back to the time before great sounding radios but its impressive performance speeds you right back to today where you are surrounded by rich radiant sound. Tangent Duo is available in Black, Oak, Walnut, White or a Red Gloss finish.

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