I Remember: 1981

Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had been in office for two years in 1981; policies to push privatisation of state-owned industries and utilities and the reform of the trade unions, combined with mass closure of heavy industry and factories contribute to the highest postwar levels of unemployment and a year remembered for a summer of civil unrest as the spending cuts and monetary policy bite deep.  100,000 people from across Britain march to Trafalgar Square in London for the TUC's March For Jobs.
After racial tension builds up, riots break out in Brixton, Peckham, Toxteth and Handsworth and by the end of summer riots against police occur in many towns and cities.

"Ghost Town" by The Specials hits number one in the UK charts, capturing the political mood of the summer.
John Lennon spends 6 consecutive weeks at number one with "Imagine" spending 4 weeks at the top, to be replaced by "Woman"; Adam and the Ants also have two number ones with "Stand and Deliver" and "Prince Charming".
Bucks Fizz win the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK with the song "Making Your Mind Up".
MTV hits the airwaves for the first time, Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star" is the first song to be played.

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ION Vertical Vinyl Wall Mounted Retro Turntable

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James Brown's 'Relics' Auctioned

Possessions belonging to late, great James Brown - including iconic stage capes and jumpsuits - have raised $800,000 (£400,000) at under the hammer.

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Sgt Pepper Drum Under The Hammer

Amongst other rock and roll items, Beatles memorabilia went up for auction at Christie's yesterday.

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Check out your vinyl, or if your music collection is solely CD, use this as an excuse to go out and get some.

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Oldest Recorded Computer Music

The BBC has unearthed the what is thought to be the oldest recordings of computer-synthesized music, recorded on a Ferranti Mark 1 computer, at the University of Manchester in Autumn, 1951.

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