I Remember: 1980

1980, unemployment is on the rise, reaching a postwar high of over 2,000,000 and the country slides into recession.
26 people are taken hostage after a group of six armed men stormed the Iranian embassy in South Kensington.  After six days and the death of a hostage the SAS end the siege by storming the building, killing another hostage and all but one of the gunmen.
Philips and Sony launch the Compact Disc, although it is several years later before Audio CDs hit the stores and several years after that before the phrase "B side" is confined to history.

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Lego Star Wars Table Football

This is another good example of somebody with too much time on their hands, but that's not a bad thing. Hats off for combining some of our favourite things, namely Lego, Football and Star Wars.

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Lego Star Wars Alarm Clocks

The Lego Star Wars universe continues to expand (from a marketing point of view at least) with these awesome Lego Star Wars alarm clocks.  It's time to unleash the power of the Force on your bedside table!

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R2D2 Projector Robot

A long time ago in a laboratory far, far away, some brilliant minds came up with an idea. If R2D2 is so cool, why not make a real one? This blisteringly brilliant bot is not just a full-size RC R2D2, it's also the centre of your home multimedia universe. Built into his body you'll find a state of the art DVD player and projector that will beam your movies, video games, digital photos up to 80 inches across onto a wall of your choice. He also has an inbuilt FM radio and an iPod docking station.

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Darth Vader Tie Fighter Webcam

A small, yet very cool, webcam modelled on Darth Vader's Tie Fighter!

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Darth Vader and Chewbacca Costumes

Have you ever wanted to be the most powerful and feared man in the galaxy?

Become the Sith Lord, Darth Vader and rule the Empire with an iron fist. Feel the power of the dark side of the force with this Supreme Edition Darth Vader costume.

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Star Wars Chubbies

“Always two there are; a master and an apprentice”. What a load of Bantha Fodder that is!

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Star Wars Masks

Scare the living force out of somebody at your next fancy dress costume or at halloween with these realistic Star Wars masks!

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Star Wars Mighty Muggs

Cooler than a carbonite chamber yet hotter than a Mustafarian barbecue.

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Star Wars Spin Offs

Apart from the six movies that we all now about, there are several spin off TV films and series which might have passed you by:

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The Making Of Star Wars

It's amazing to realize that more than 30 years have passed since a young George Lucas took on more than he could chew and pulled off a cinematic miracle.

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Eddie Izzard - Death Star Canteen

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Star Wars Arcade Game

You are Luke Skywalker, you pilots an X-wing fighter and you destroy the Death Star! Every kids dream! Well okay, maybe not every kids dream, but possibly the dream of some kids who were born in the seventies!

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Star Wars

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Deluxe Death Star Transformer

Imagine if the Star Wars universe collided with the world of Transformers. [ more... ]

Asciimation - Star Wars

As the FAQ says "Why (oh God, why)? " - "Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. ". Certainly another case of somebody with too much time on their hands... :) But you have to appreciate the amount or work and artistry that has gone into this.

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