Lego Star Wars Table Football

This is another good example of somebody with too much time on their hands, but that's not a bad thing. Hats off for combining some of our favourite things, namely Lego, Football and Star Wars.

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Lego Star Wars Alarm Clocks

The Lego Star Wars universe continues to expand (from a marketing point of view at least) with these awesome Lego Star Wars alarm clocks.  It's time to unleash the power of the Force on your bedside table!

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Brick USB Memory Stick

It looks like a keyring-friendly version of the world's favourite plastic play brick, but it's also a funky USB memory stick.

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iBlocks - iPod Speakers

I can't get enough accessories for my iPod. So that’s exactly why we loved iBlocks when we clapped eyes on these pocket sized speakers. iBlocks are basically lego building bricks with built in speakers that attach to the bottom of your iPod. The sound is pretty impressive for something so small.

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If You Build It...

Sean Kenney is a "professional kid" who likes to prove you can build anything with LEGO bricks!

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Legoland Windsor

The entertainment is certainly hands-on at LEGOLAND Windsor. Children aged 3-12 can take to the road, soar through the skies and sail the seas in complete safety on any of our 50 interactive rides, live shows, building workshops, driving schools and attractions, all set in 150 acres of beautiful parkland.

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Lego Minfigures

It has been 30 years since Lego launched its much-loved minifigure, designed by Jens Nygaard Knudsen. Since first appearing on the market in 1978, the little yellow figure has gone from strength to strength.

The familiar little yellow men and women with funny hair and bemused expressions were the culmination of years of work.

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Chinese Lion Dance

I'm always impressed by what you can do with Lego, and even more impressed by somebody who have the time and imagination.

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Lego: Indianna Jones - The Original Adventures

First came the classic Lego: Star Wars, now things just got better.

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More Lego/Eddie Izzard...

...this time James Bond.

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Eddie Izzard - Death Star Canteen

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