Wake up '80s style, to authentic sounds of Pac Man


This officially licensed, tribute to an 80s icon diddly-woos you out of boboland via the evocative start-up tune from Pac-Man. It even emits a few seconds of spine-tingling wakka-wakka-ing. You’ll be transported back to the arcade the second you hear it. You might even start checking your ‘jama pockets for ten pees.

Battery operated, this eye-catching Pac Man alarm clock features Snooze, Alarm Off and Backlight buttons represented by cherries, a bell and naughty ol’ Pinky – and if that particularly 80s name means nothing to you, there’s little point telling you about our other recurring dream involving Gorf, Duran Duran and Kim Basinger. Wakka-wakka!

There's nothing like waking up to the iconic Pacman tune to set you up for a day of work and eating ghosts.

Pac man alarm clock

Pac Man alarm clock


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