The Adventure Game


Three celebrity contestants were kidnapped transport by space ship (or by London Underground) to the planet Arg, inhabited by shapeshifting dragons known as Argonds, to complete a number of tasks for the entertainment of a cross aspidistra called the Rangdo!

The programme is often considered to have been a forerunner of The Crystal Maze as the celebrities had to complete tasks or games in order to achieve their overall goal (e.g. regain their crystal and return to their ship).

The show climaxed with the Vortex. Players cross a gameboard without stepping on the same point as the Vortex. The Vortex couldn't move into the players area, but players could step onto the Vortex.

Cheggars get's zapped by the Zortex

Being zapped by the Vortex meant a long trip home through space on foot. Brrr.

Did you know that Moira Stewart played a dragon in the first series, before she was a news reader!

Bring back The Adventure Game!! Gronda Gronda!!

BBC: The Adventure Game title sequence