70's Decade Box... Sweets from the Fabulous 70s!


Remember all those fabulously kitsch 70s sweets that instantly transport you back to those heady days?

Well 'A Quarter Of...' have put them all together in one fabulous 70s Decade box of goodies, so if you're looking for an original present, look no more!

They've been getting our sweetie anoraks out, and done masses of research into all things sweetie related, and here's the result: a stonkingly massive wooden chest (with a fab 70s style label - yeah baby!) full to the brim with all the very best 70s retro sweets!

It weighs a WHOPPING 3.2 kg (that's 7lb!) and it measures 28cm x 18cm x 18cm (11in x 7.1in x 7.1in), and it contains all these lovely goodies that will make the lucky recipent go all misty-eyed:

  • Sherbet Lemons, 250g
  • Curly Wurly, 4 sticks
  • Space Dust, 5 sachets
  • Love Hearts, 4 tubes
  • Golf Ball Bubble Gum, 250g
  • Anglo Bubbly, 250g
  • Strawberry Bootlaces, 1 pack
  • Milk Teeth, 250g
  • Sherbet Filled Fruits, 4 fruits
  • Refreshers Chews, 250g
  • Fruit Pastilles, 4 tubes
  • Rainblo Bubble Gum, 250g
  • Tootie Frooties, 2 packs
  • Foiled Ice Cups, 250g
  • Chocolate Sticks, 2 packs

Yeah baby!!!

70s Decade Sweet Box

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