100 Greatest Kids' TV Shows

100 Greatest Kids' TV Shows was broadcast on Channel 4 on 27 August 2001 and hosted by Jamie Theakston.
The original Channel 4 minisite is nolonger available but you can view it archived @ The Wayback Machine

This is my top 15 (including the position they appeared in the original list.

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Coming To A Screen Near You...

Transformers and Speed Racer are not going to be the only movies based on classic cartoons to be released as a movie, Thundercats and He-man are also in the offing. I just hope they do a better job than the last He-Man movie!

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Battle of the Planets

Five orphans with a spacecraft battle a lipsticked maniac from the Crab Nebula and his unlikely big flying robots. No one gets hurt. Well nobody gets hurt in the American version that we watched as kids.

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Battle of the Planets: Introduction

Introduction to Battle of the Planets (G-force)

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