The Family Ness Introduction

You can knock them you can rock them, you can go to Timbuktu...

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Programmes I Remember That Nobody Else Does: Space Sentinels

The world's mightiest young heroes on a mission to save the Universe!!

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As If By Magic... The Shopkeeper Appeared!

"As if by magic... the shopkeeper appeared!" is one of the most well remmebered phrases from childhood. Get into a pub conversations about the best children's TV programmes and the name of the bowler hat wearing bloke in the suit invariably tops the list.

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Wacky Races

Inspired by car-chase movies 'The Great Race' and 'Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines', the animated series follows the adventures of a group of eccentric characters in equally outlandish automobiles as they compete in a no-holds-barred, cross-country motor race. Leading the pack are the fiendish Dick Dastardly and his canine sidekick Muttley ("rassuh-frazza-pazza"), whose all-encompassing bid for victory involves underhand tactics such as oil slicks and detours.

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Wattoo Wattoo - Superbird

There were some odd cartoons when we we're growing up and this might be one of the oddest. A French cartoon featuring Wattoo Wattoo (a Super Bird-Fish from the planet Auguste) and his attempts to teach ecological lessons to the Earth-dwelling Zwas (Fat, cigar smoking geese-type creatures).

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Battle of the Planets

Five orphans with a spacecraft battle a lipsticked maniac from the Crab Nebula and his unlikely big flying robots. No one gets hurt. Well nobody gets hurt in the American version that we watched as kids.

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Battle of the Planets: Introduction

Introduction to Battle of the Planets (G-force)

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Official Dangermouse Mugs have Official Dangermouse Mugs at Only £5.00 including Free Delivery!!!

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Danger Mouse: 25th Anniversary Complete Collection (12 Discs)

"He's the greatest...
He's fantastic...
Where ever there is danger, he'll be there...
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Mr Benn Intro

As if by magic, the Shopkeeper appeared!

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Dangermouse intro

He's the greatest...

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