Roy Skelton, the voice of your childhood

Actor and singer Roy Skelton, best known for voicing puppets George and Zippy in the popular children's television programme Rainbow, has died aged 79.

He was probably unique in the world of childrens entertainment as he both entertained and terrified millions of British kids, as he was also the original voice of Doctor Who's nemesis the Daleks and the Cybermen.

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BBC Micro

Anyone over 30 is sure to feel a nostalgic inner-glow whenever the BBC Micro is mentioned.

The world has changed so much in the last 30 years with regards to computing. Now it is common for households of people who are not even considered geeky to have a couple of computers, a playstation, myspace and facebook pages, mobile phones with internet connections, etc...  But for a large chunk of the 1980s the 'Beeb', was one of the main ways people in the UK accessed computer technology.

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Doctor Who Tardis 4-Way USB Hub

Doctor Who fans rejoice! Now you've got a legitimate excuse for dreaming about time travel, Billie Piper and rubbish monsters all day long, because this 4-way USB hub looks and sounds just like the Tardis!

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