Digital Retro: The Evolution and Design of the Personal Computer

It's easy these days to take the Internet, ludicrous processing power, massive hard disk capacities, cloud computing and mobile connectivity for granted. Back in 'the day' things were very different. Gordon Laing's well researched and elegantly designed homage to lots of different, lovely but defunct hardware from the era of "Home" as opposed to "Personal" Computers.

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Vespa: An Illustrated History

This inexpensive photographic history of Vespa, first published in 1993, receives a much-needed overhaul to bring it up to date, and includes the addition of some colour imagery.

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60 Years of the Vespa

Published to celebrate the diamond jubilee of this Italian cultural icon, "Sixty Years of the Vespa" brims with facts and photographs, anecdotes and advertisements. The Author, Giorgio Sarti, is an Italian Vespa expert.

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Automan - Novel

Based on Glen A. Larson screenplay for the pilot episode of the '80s TV series Automan, the book is an entertaining look into the world of computer programmer Walter Nebicher who has created a game called Automan to help with his police work. However it ends up becoming much more real than he planned on, as Walter and Automan are drawn into the intrigue and danger of an international kidnapping scheme.

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"Wacky Races": The Official Guide

Now here is a book that a hardened Wacky Racer has been waiting for....

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Google doodle celebrates Roger Hargreaves and the Mr Men

Google logo on the search engine's home page today shows a number of Mr Men scenes (you can refresh to see more) to celbrate Roger Hargreaves and the Mr Men.  including Little Miss Sunshine tripping gaily along, Mr Messy repainting the logo, Mr Tickle playing a prank on the postman and Mr Bump coming a cropper.

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Essential Guide to London's Retro Shops

Part shopping guide, part lifestyle handbook, 'The Essential Guide to London's Retro Shops' is a timely and colourful celebration of the growing demand for all things vintage.

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Choose Your Own Adventure Books

What a great idea they were. I never liked reading too much, but with these kind of books I would actually sit down, read and, most importantly, enjoy! The idea was simple, you start reading and at the end of a passage you would be given a choice of what you would like to do next in the story. You would then turn to a specific page depending upon what you had chosen.

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Retro: The Culture of Revival

Drawing upon a wealth of original research and anecdotal material, Elizabeth Guffey unearths the roots of the term retro and chronicles its manifestations in culture and art throughout the last century.

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As If By Magic... The Shopkeeper Appeared!

"As if by magic... the shopkeeper appeared!" is one of the most well remmebered phrases from childhood. Get into a pub conversations about the best children's TV programmes and the name of the bowler hat wearing bloke in the suit invariably tops the list.

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The Making Of Star Wars

It's amazing to realize that more than 30 years have passed since a young George Lucas took on more than he could chew and pulled off a cinematic miracle.

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TV Cream's Toys: Presents You Pestered Your Parents for

Do you remember tearing down the stairs at five in the morning, in wide-eyed anticipation of the mountain of wrapped boxes under the Woolies' fireproof silver tinsel tree? Do you remember the sense of disappointment when what you'd asked for wasn't among them?

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