Retro Slush Drinks Machine

Not only will this super Retro Slush Maker help capture the look and feel of a 1950's kitchen or diner, it will also make fruity frozen slush drinks in your own home. The Retro Slush Machine is perfect for entertaining on hot summer days, as it will provide your guests with an endless supply of ice cold beverages.

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Your Kitchen Is Invaded...

Did you spend a good portion of your childhood and your allowance blasting 2-dimensional aliens to smithereens?
Spend a good portion of your adult life in the kitchen?
Trying to find a way to combine to two?

No, well maybe you should...

Space Invaders, like Pac-Man, is one of the most famous retro computer games known to man and is now over 30 years old and to celebrate, we've found this fantastic selection of kitchen gadgets!

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Pac Man Cookie Cutters

Wakka-wakka-wakka-wakka... Ulp!
With its power pills, cherries and chomping, Pac-Man is essentially a game about eating. So it’s no surprise the design gurus over at Suck UK decided to base their first foray into cookware on this legendary video game.

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