Wacky Races - Race Night!


Like most things from my childhood Wacky Races isn't perhaps quite as good as I remember it being, but it recently lead to a fun night in with a group of friends (and copious quantities of alcohol)!

You know those race nights DVDs you get with footage of obscure horse races and everybody bets on them? Well, you can do exactly the same with the Wacky Races DVD!
The Rules:
- Decide who you're backing (or, as we decided after a couple of races, pull the names out of a hat - no one is exactly going to pick Dick Dastardly of their own accord, are they?)
- Select the wager, or drinking forfeit!
- Pick a random episode and away you go!

No cheating now... the names of the winners do appear on the internet, an even greater need to randomise which cars everyone's backing!

Come on the Creepy Coupe! I've got a fiver on you!

Get the Wacky Races DVD.