80's A-Z : A


The 80's, 10 years condensed to 26 blog posts in bullet point format...

A-Ha - Reformed and going strong apparently, but the 80's were the hayday for the Norwegian popsters.

The A-Team - "I ain't gettin' on no plane! Fool!"

Adam and the Ants - Stylised punk-pop pirates!

The Adventure Game - Gronda Gronda!!

Airwolf - A super helicopter, fantastic effects, and a great theme tune, nothing more was needed!

ALF - American sitcom about an extraterrestrial "Alien Life-Form".

Animal Magic - Johnny Morris, the voice of anthropomorphic animals everywhere.

Atari - Ok, Pong was launched in the early 70's but it was the Atari2600 home console that was in everbodies home and effectively started the home console industry.

Audi Quattro - Recently reborn as a style icon in Ashes to Ashes.

Automan - a nerdish police computer expert who creates a computer game featuring "Automan" - which came alive and helped him solve crimes!