Some Classic Vic And Bob Quotes...


Vic: You wouldn't let it lie!

Audience: What's on the end of the stick, Vic?

Judge Nutmeg: What a terrible man, terrible man, terrible, terrible, terrible man!

Vic: Very poor...very poor indeed!

Living Carpet Vic: You lying get!
Living Carpet Bob: YOU lying get!
Living Carpet Bob: I heard that rumour
Living Carpet Vic: I know, I started it...

Vic: About this time of the evening, I like to slip a Caramac under a rabbit

The Stotts: Stop startin' man, start stoppin', stop startin'!

The Stotts: Marzipan's a private matter!

Mr. Dennis: I do not stock Curly Wurlies as they are far too elaborate...

Mr. Dennis: That got me quite riled!

Lister: It's a quality act, Reeves, you workshy fop!

Lister: I know Lawyers, doctors, dentists, stevedores and architects

Vic: I'm right naïve me, but happy...

Vic: You would not BELIEVE what's going on backstage...

Vic: Look at the size of that Sausage!

Vic: Only joking... or am I?

Bob: Ooh, Vic I've fallen.

All of these were not quite as funny when said by the least imaginative, most irritating person in the office!