Arcade Mania - Upright Arcade Machine


Remember those days spent/wasted in dimly lit arcades stuffing 10 pences into the latest arcade machines?! Now you can have one at home!

With a few 21st century updates including digital sound, dynamic graphics, and a high res, colour monitor you'll get the classic experience with enhanced hardware – making it the perfect play! Like the classic machines you can also play with, or against someone with the 1 or 2 person player option.

Over 150 all-time favourite arcade games packed into just one fantastic machine, including Spy Hunter, Arkanoid, Bomber Man, Bomb Jack and World Cup Soccer click here for a full list. It's the ultimate in retro cool for everyone in the family - old & young alike - providing endless hours of exciting action & fun.

Arcade Mania

I think you'll have be be dedicated to retro gaming, it's only £1,399 (ONLY!!) at DrinkStuff, but you do save a fortune in 10 pence pieces!