A Large Wooden Box of Nostalgia


A beautiful handmade box (well, more like a chest really!) full of all the old favourites and we are proud to say that it is utterly FABULOUS!!!

It is the perfect gift for someone who loves a bit of nostalgia and has a serious sweet tooth... and you will become their favourite person ever!

It weighs a whopping 3.1 kg (that's 7.3lb!) and it measures about 28cm x 18cm x 18cm (11in x 7.1in x 7.1in). It contains all these lovely goodies that will make you go all misty-eyed:

  • Flying Saucers, 50 saucers
  • Anglo Bubbly, 250g
  • Fried Eggs, 250g
  • Golf Ball Bubble Gum, 250g
  • Sherbet Pips, 250g
  • Black Jacks, 250g
  • Gobstoppers, 250g
  • Kola Kubes, 250g
  • Milk Teeth, 250g
  • Water Bombs
  • 2 Dip Dabs
  • 2 Sherbet Fountains
  • 2 Rainbow Drops
  • 3 Sherbet Filled Fruits
  • 2 Super Candy Whistles
  • 3 Refresher Bars
  • 4 sachets of Space Dust
  • 4 tubes of Mini Love Hearts
  • 4 Refreshers Chews
  • 4 tubes of Mini Parma Violets
  • 4 Drumsticks Lollies
  • 2 boxes of Candy Sticks

GAZILLIONS of yummy sweets... well not quite, but it will last for ages!!!!

It's 32.47 at 'A Quarter Of...'

There's also a Medium Wooden Box of Nostalgia (22.47) and a Small Wooden Box of Nostalgia (16.47).