Brick USB Memory Stick

It looks like a keyring-friendly version of the world's favourite plastic play brick, but it's also a funky USB memory stick.

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USB Mix Tapes

Remember in the days before digital music and MP3 players? If you do, then you probably made compilations of all your favourite music, to share with your friends and loved ones, on good old fashioned blank cassette tapes.

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Doctor Who Tardis 4-Way USB Hub

Doctor Who fans rejoice! Now you've got a legitimate excuse for dreaming about time travel, Billie Piper and rubbish monsters all day long, because this 4-way USB hub looks and sounds just like the Tardis!

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USB Whack It

Bring classic mole-whacking arcade gaming to your desktop with this leading contender for daftest USB-powered peripheral ever.

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USB Volkswagen Van Memory Stick

Pack up and go with our USB Volkswagen Van Memory Stick!

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