Google doodle celebrates Roger Hargreaves and the Mr Men

Google logo on the search engine's home page today shows a number of Mr Men scenes (you can refresh to see more) to celbrate Roger Hargreaves and the Mr Men.  including Little Miss Sunshine tripping gaily along, Mr Messy repainting the logo, Mr Tickle playing a prank on the postman and Mr Bump coming a cropper.

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Mr Bump Bruise Soother

The fun, fast way to soothe away bumps, and bruises with the help of the strongest person in the whole wide world!  Chill Mr Bump in the fridge, ready for action, then simply call him to the resuce to ease discomfort from small swellings and minor maladies. The re-usuable pack contains a special gel that stays cool to offer comfort for bumps and bruises.

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Mr Men Cufflinks

These quirky novel cufflinks make ideal gifts and are suitable for everyday wear.   A fun gift that's practical and looks good too.

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Mens Mr Men T-Shirts from Junk Food

These Junk Food T-Shirts festure some of your favourite and (possibly) apt Mr Men.

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