Name That Tune


Do you know your Buggles from your Blancmange? or your New Romantics from your Gender-Benders?

Find out as you test your knowledge of 80s music with this memory-jogging DVD game. Contains hundreds of shoulder-pad packed clips and more than 1000 questions.

It may have been the decade that style forgot but we love the 80s. And we're not talking about bouffant hair-don'ts, colossal shoulder pads and Ferris Bueller. We're talking about the music.

From Frankie and Duran to Spandau and Wham, the 80s produced some of the most flamboyant acts in history. Even Cliff was cool. Sort of. So what if most of 'em looked liked they'd raided their mum's wardrobe? This badly dressed decade was all about fun.